7 Screenwriting Tips from Professionals

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[ This guest post was written by Nicole Garrison. ]

Nicole Garrison believes that a good prep job is a key to success in any field. A content editor at TrustMyPaper, she hopes to run her own writing agency one day. Till that dream comes true, she works on her hard skills. She also tries to squeeze out as much productivity as she can out of every day.


Talent is only 10% of success. The other 90% is hard work, and consistency. Recently, we contacted professional screenwriters to learn what tips they have for the rest of us. If screenwriting is part of your job description, here’s what they told us.

Why Would You Be a Screenwriter?

A screenwriter is not the best profession, but many would look up to their role models. They enjoy the freedom of time and creativity. This profession gives you many opportunities to express and look into yourself.

Furthermore, you can expand your writing career. It can include your hobbies and an extension of your previous education. Guess those who enjoyed their Tech-Ed and physics classes wrote many legendary Sci-Fi scenes. With this in mind, SupremeDissertations employs people who have a background in the niches they write about. This makes for a healthier work environment and better quality content.

Screenwriting Tips From Professionals

So, you may be ready to embark on this journey and give it the best you’ve got. Let’s consider some of the best practices out there. These practices made the professionals we’ve interviewed into what they are today. Let’s check out some of the best screenwriting tips from professionals:

Read Scripts Daily

Being able to write a good script is like speaking a foreign language. You need to listen to a lot of it and use it daily. You should read as many scripts as you can. This will expose you to the novelties in the field. It will help you nurture your criticism and make you a better screenwriter.

Find a Screenwriting Class That Suits You

Finding great online classes is easy today. The Internet is becoming an educational hub. Once you know your genre, take classes into it. Expand your niche. You can take screenwriting classes alongside botany classes. This is a sure way to write the next Jumanji breakthrough.

Find Experts in Your Genre and Learn From Them

There are many genres and niches. There are also experts in these fields. Find those that suit you, follow them, and learn as much as you can. Following them on social networks will give you daily reminders. It will also help you establish the mindset. Reading books will ensure you also get the theoretical background.

Take a Critical Approach When Watching Movies

You should say bye-bye to the entertaining aspect of movies and watch them with a critical approach. Do not criticize right away – even the best have to learn from somewhere. Watch classics and learn about dialogue scenes. Kill Bill, the Godfather, and Gone with the Wind can all teach you more about scriptwriting than a tutor ever could.

Invest in Good Screenwriting Software

Screenwriting software is not there to turn you into a success overnight. It is there to help you save time and focus on what matters: the creative process. Use software to help you get rid of unnecessary steps and to ensure productivity.

Think Outside of Box

Finding ideas is difficult. Yet, finding ways to convey existing ideas is a sure way to go. Dracula, the Underworld, and the War of the Worlds all have the same theme. It is colonization and the fear of breaking societal structures. The idea is the same, but the way the screenwriter presented it has evolved.

Have a Clear Message

Having a clear message means a lot to the audience and those who would mark your script. The message should resonate through the plot. You should reflect on the setting, the characters themselves, and dialogues. This gives cohesion to your script. Mad Max: Fury Road, for example, has a very clear message that resonates on all levels of the story.

Bonus Tips for Writing Your Perfect Script

It may be that you find yourself already writing amazing scripts. In that case, here are a few more tips you can rely on. They will take your talent as a screenwriter to the next level:

  1. Avoid Forced Exposition – Show Instead
  2. Be Mindful of the Pace of the Script
  3. Each Scene Should Have a Goal
  4. Make the Protagonist Relatable
  5. Prepare for Editing
  6. Finish the Story on Point

Final Remarks

Becoming a screenwriter seems to be all daisies. That is until you actually try to penetrate the field. The sheer volume of competition and the technical obstacles can be crushing at moments. Luckily, you can follow our tips and place yourself ahead of a good chunk of competition.

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2 Responses to 7 Screenwriting Tips from Professionals

  1. Clint Hayes says:

    This is a solid introduction to where new screenwriters should focus their attention and what they should be mindful of.

    One critical point, though, isn’t on this list, and is pointed out by professional writers across the spectrum all the time:

    – Live a curious and full life. –

    We write from our experience of the world and of people. That experience serves as both inspiration for ideas and the well of insight and perspective about human nature and life that forms the basis for all storytelling.

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